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Colombian Aged Gin Treasure 70cl


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Our Premium Colombian Treasure gin is based on a unique Colombian fruit limon mandarino (tangerine-lemon) which blends the exotic sweet taste of the tangerine and the acidity of the lemon to give fantastic balance.


Color: In the glass, Treasure gin is full of light and body, proof of its quality and clarity

Aroma: The initial aroma is of tangerine enhanced with lemon notes. The secondary aroma is of the botanicals that provide the freshness and balance. Mint, spearmint and pepper and a bit of sweetness from the wood and berries – this an intimate fusion of a marvelous new generation of gin for both beginners and connoisseurs

Palate: The pleasant notes and roundness from the tangerine, lemon, mint and pepper combined with the traditional flavors of gin enhanced by the time spent in oak barrels results in a truly unique gin – Colombian Treasure gin. Enjoy it on the rocks garnished with a twist of tangerine peel.

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