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Sierra Antiquo Plata Tequila 70cl


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The youngest member of the Sierra Tequila family is far from throwing lead around, but named after the Spanish word for silver: Sierra Antiguo Plata. In keeping with the name and the crystal clear color of the young distillate, a shiny silver sombrero also adorns the head of the Sierra Antiguo Plata bottle. The label is also dipped in silver hues. On it you will find early Aztec symbols and a pyramid of the advanced civilization that once flourished in Mexico.

Sierra Antiguo Plata has 40% vol. alcohol and is velvety smooth for a young product. This is due to the high quality of the raw materials, their traditional processing and the resting and harmonization phase of the tequila in stainless steel tanks.

Sierra Antiguo Plata is ideal for classic margaritas. Friends of Mexican drink culture will love the fruity straightness and spicy power of this 100% de Agave Tequila.

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